In an idyllic location, on a plateau in the semi-mountainous Achaia, we chose to create a plantation for the production of organic pomegranates.

The microclimate of the area, the proximity to the sea, the pristine environment with minimal crops and the abundance of running water offered the ideal conditions for the growth of pomegranates.

After studies, we chose the Wonderful variety as the most appropriate.

The plantation covers an area of ​​200 acres with more than 13,000 trees.

The cultivation of pomegranates is systematically controlled throughout the growing season by TÜV HELLAS in order to ensure the quality of production and to meet the criteria for organic farming to the fullest.

After harvest, the pomegranates are transported to the company's packaging plant.

After careful sorting, the fruits are automatically sorted according to their size and weight and then packed in suitable packages, which are stored in cold stores until they are transported to the final destination.

As in the cultivation process, so in this process the protocols defined by TÜV HELLAS are strictly observed.